We offer event space and co-working space with a fully equipped Wi-Fi environment and streaming equipment.
We also offer corporate registration services and an exhibition space to showcase new products and technologies.
Please contact us for more information.

Business hours Mon.-Sat. 9:00 am - 7:00 pm.

Click here to download the pamphlet.
Please be sure to read PiO PARK Terms of Use before using the facilities.

Industry Support Services

We provide a variety of different types of support for companies who have undergone corporate registration procedures as a company in PiO PARK. Click here for details. We can refer optimal partner companies for those who have used out facilities even without undergoing corporate registration procedures.

PiO PARK Friendly Map

We have created a PiO PARK Friendly Map which lists the companies and organizations that have visited PiO PARK and with whom we have built relationships. Click here for details.


Office and Meetings
We have working and meeting spaces you can use tailored to your work content and number of people.
We offer free trial plans so feel free to contact us.
Private Booths
We offer optional private booths which can be used by 1-6 people. Ask the reception when coming if you would like a private booth.
We also offer special long-term use plans.

Click here to apply for a free trial

Co-working Price Listing

Plan Fee (tax included) Number of Simultaneous Number of Companions Co-Working Options
Individual Monthly Plan JPY22,000/month 1 3(2hours for free)
3-person Monthly Plan JPY55,000/month 3 10(2hours for free)
5-person Monthly Plan JPY77,000/month 5 15(2hours for free)
One-day Plan JPY3,300/day - - ○(*1)
Drop-in Plan JPY550/hour - - ○(*1)

*1 Corporate registration and the monthly use of private booths are not available for one-day plan and drop-in plan users.

Options *Our co-working plans have a variety of different options which you can add on.

Plan Fee/hour (tax included) Fee/month (tax included) Details
Corporate Registration - JPY11,000/month These services are only available for monthly plans.
Contact us for details (there will be a document and
interview screening process).
Private Booths
(for 1-2 persons)
JPY330/hour JPY13,200/month

Ask the reception if you would like a private booth.
You can choose from 1-month, 3-month and 1-year plans(there will be a document and interview screening process).

Private Booths
(for 3 persons)*1
JPY550/hour JPY26,400/month
Private Booths
(for 5 persons)*1
JPY770/hour JPY44,000/month
Private Booths
(for 6 persons)
JPY770/hour(*2) -
Locker Service - JPY1,100/month These services are only available for monthly plans. Contact us for details.

*1 Private booths (for 3 and 5 people) are now full.
*2 The private booth (for 6 persons) is not eligible for monthly use of private booths.


We have a full lineup of rental equipment including projectors and screens. For those who would like to hold an event, confirm vacancy on the event schedule below and apply through the Event Application Form.
Online streaming
We have online streaming equipment, Wi-Fi and more. You can also hold an online streaming event.

Event space Guide map

Event space

JPY 55,000 / 5 hours
*Extended use fee:11,000 yen/hour
Approx. 40 meeting tables/Approx. 150 meeting chairs/Other Event Space equipment list
Please refer to Event space Guide map

Event space premium

Includes area and facilities in the "Event Space" above.

JPY99,000 / 5 hours
*Extended use fee JPY19,800 / hour
Approx. 10 café style tables/Approx. 30 stools/Other Event Space equipment list
Please refer to Event space Guide map

*Half price for monthly plan users.
*The capacity may be limited due to COVID-19 measures.

Click here to apply for the event

Event Space Availability

Special Meeting Space

*Available from 1 hour
*Half price for monthly plan users
30 (Approx. 85㎡)
9 meeting tables/20 meeting chairs/6 stools
1 sofa for 2 persons/1 sofa for 3 persons 1 projector/1 screen/online streaming equipment


Click here to apply for the special meeting space


HICity ZONE K 201, 1-1-4 Haneda Kuko, Ota-ku, Tokyo,144-0041 Directly connected to Tenkubashi Station on the Tokyo Monorail and the Keikyu Airport Line.


Explore the frontiers of fun at PiO PARK @ HANEDA

Collaboration and innovation are created from fun, leisure and challenges.
PiO PARK links Haneda with the world.
Our fully-equipped facilities which provide support for production together with your vast verification and experiment site assist you in social implementation so your creative ideas do not stop at the idea phase.
PiO PARK is a place which provides opportunities for exchange with companies and individuals dealing with issues in aims of solving social issues.
Stop by if you are dealing with problems in the industrial field.

Aspiration behind the PiO PARK Logo

Each triangle is based on the concept of a runway.
We used three different colors to express various different entities coming together in the same place.After coming together, they can move on to a new stage.
The colors of the two bottom triangles represent “Social Innovation” and “Japan Presentation” which are the concepts of Haneda Innovation City. Combining these with the new coloron top (PiO PARK) is based on the idea of a place to create even further growth.